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Retrospect via IOS

Retrospect övervakning via IOS

Hantera Retrospect från din iPhone eller iPad

Med Retrospect för iOS kan ni fjärrstyra 
flera Mac-och Windows-Backup servrar. 

Anslut via Wi-Fi eller 3G för att hålla kontroll på alla aspekter av er Retrospect installation. 

Retrospect håller er information säker, och ni kan ha kontroll på det var ni än är. 

Finns gratis på App Store.

Retrospect for iOS lets you do even more:

✓ Optimized for iOS — Beautifully tailored both to iPhone and iPad with full Retina display support.
✓ Almost everything — View Reports, Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, Sources, Media Sets, Devices, and Operations Log.
✓ Seamless syncing — Syncs all of a server's contents in the background and doesn't hold you up.
✓ Reports with badges — All of your reports are now instantly accessible.
✓ Run from afar — Just tap on a script to run it.
✓ Deep support — Full support for Retrospect for Mac 9, 10, and 11 and Retrospect for Windows 7.7.612, 8, and 9 and partial support for Retrospect for Mac 8.2 and Retrospect for Windows 7.7.341.