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Central Management

Central hantering av flera Smoothwall installationer

Ett enkelt sätt att övervaka flera Smoothwall installationer

När installationerna, som en tekniker ansvarar för, bara blir större och större. Från dussintals och till och  med hundratals, måste det finnas en enkel mekanism för att hålla dessa system under kontroll.

Whether those Smoothwall installations are clustered within a single data centre, or in satellite locations around the world, our new Central Management facility keeps you in touch. 

From a single dashboard, you can monitor the boxes, and make sure that everything is doing what it should.

From your primary 'Parent' appliance, you are now able to see:

  • The status of all services running on each 'Child' appliance
  • Which boxes require updates - and be able to schedule them!
  • How storage space is being used and as a result whether a Child system may need upgrading
  • Which installations are subject to an upcoming subscription renewal

If your policies aren't entirely consistent across the entire organisation, or different sites simply have different needs, you can configure different Profiles for those site policies.

Installation notes:

First, bring your boxes up-to-date. You’ll have to visit each one individually (for the last time), but this can happily be done via their respective Web Interfaces. 

Update any child nodes before you update the parent node.
If you’re not already using any of the central management tools like settings replication or central logging, you should probably sit down with a nice cup of coffee and the user manual and familiarise yourself with the concepts. 

If you’re already replicating settings or logs, then just head on over to the new section in system >> central management on the parent box. 
You should have your child nodes listed. Edit one or two to say “monitor status”. After a while, those nodes will begin to show up on the overview page.

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