Anonymous Proxies

Anonym Proxy

Vilken användning har ett webbfilter om någon kan komma runt det?

Här är exempel på några stora som funnits länge:  

Smoothwall använder Innehållsfilter, som finns i Smoothwall Firewall och Smoothwall Filter samt Smoothwall Cloud Filter, de använder en algoritm för att upptäcka alla Proxytyper så snart de dyker och blockera dem direkt. 

Det spelar ingen roll om den är ny eller gammal.

Tillsammans med vår HTTPS inspektion så är även SSL-baserade proxies blockerade - inga problem.

Om ert webbfilter inte har dessa funktioner, är ni sårbara för Proxy övergrepp som t.ex. Malware, dåligt uppförande och eventuellt olagliga aktiviteter. 

Om ni vill veta mer, och täppa till kryphålen i ert eget nätverk, kontakta oss idag.

Smoothwall identifierar aktivt dessa proxyservrar, och blockerar dem automatiskt. 

Smoothwall ger er äkta realtids skydd, för att blockera anonyma proxyservrar.

Smoothwall identifierar aktivt dessa proxyservrar, och blockerar dem automatiskt. 

Smoothwall ger er äkta realtids skydd, för att blockera anonyma proxyservrar.

Anonyma proxyservrar låter dina användare, besöka en till synes oskyldig hemsida, och tunnla alla typer av innehåll via webbplatsen, ofiltrerat. 

Dessa platser kan läggas till URL-blocklistor, men som ändå ger ett gyllene tillfälle då de tillkommer tusentals, dagligen.

In English

What use is a web filter if anyone can get around it?

Anonymous Proxies are tools designed to disguise a user's web activity

They can be used to pretend that someone is browsing an innocuous site, when in fact that site is bringing in illicit, previously blocked content from elsewhere. 

They look harmless, hiding behind inconspicuous URLs, but they're making a mockery of your rules. Your reports suddenly don't make sense, and you have no idea what's going on.

In addition, getting a new Proxy online is simple. There are easily-downloadable kits available, and thousands show up every day

In a best case scenario, other web filters will add those Proxies the following day. In reality, it'll probably be several days before it gets blocked. 

Until then, it's open season for your users, and any inappropriate, dangerous content they may access.

Block Anonymous Proxies with Smoothwall Content-Aware Filtering

Smoothwall's Content-Aware web filter, available in our SWG and UTM products, uses a proprietary algorithm to detect all Proxy types as soon as they appear and block them instantly. It doesn't matter if it's new or old, it isn't getting through. Coupled with our HTTPS inspection, even secure, SSL-based Proxies are blocked — no problem.

If your web filter doesn't have these features, you're vulnerable to Proxy abuse and everything that comes with it. Malware, misbehaviour, and possibly even mayhem. If you'd like to find out more, and close the loopholes in your own network, contact us today.


Anonymous proxies allow your users to visit a seemingly innocent website, and funnel all kinds of content through that site, unfiltered.

These sites can be added to blocklists, but that still leaves a window of opportunity, and these sites appear in their thousands, daily.

Guardian Web Filter actively identifies these proxies, and blocks them automatically. There isn't a day, hour, or even minute of opportunity.

Smoothwall's Web Filter provides true zero-day protection to block Anonymous Proxies.